/// 4WD POWER BANK ///

/// 4X4 POWER BANK ///


• Rear wheel drive test
• Front wheel drive test
• 4WD / AWD cars, touring vehicles
• 2WD / 4WD racing cars
• Utility and sport utility vehicles
• Light commercial vehicles
• Recreational Vehicles
• Motorcycles (with optional adapter)
• The small physical size (only 300 mm height)


Our DynoDynamics 4WD chassis dynamometer measures engine power through the drive wheels in an accurate method. When doubts arise about the performance of your engine we can offer you the exact value of the power and torque whether or not you want to modify the power of your engine, making the measurement in our bank, if we change the power we can tell the difference between before and after the alteration.

All this data and reading of real-time values can be printed in color and offered to the customer to save in their records.


Car Power Improvement offers this method of change so your engine gets maximum power and torque over the entire rev range.

This way you can be sure of the performance & nbsp; Of your motor before and after our intervention. Our multi-parameter readings and real-time lambda probe, exhaust temperature and detonation data allows our technicians to have important information when measuring your vehicle in a bank so that we can extract the highest possible power in safe conditions.


Car Power Improvement can try to solve or discover a motor performance problem in our bank, with the measurement of power and torque, together with all real-time readings of the motor parameters, we can in most cases get a suggestion On which motor component is not working in good condition (when we detect a lower power / torque output and we see which parameter is below & nbsp; lower values (injection, air mass, air pressure, ignition, etc).

This is the best tool to do a professional job, in case of interest to know how your engine’s performance is, please contact us to mark your power test.