Car Power Economy


The project started in the year 2000 with the creation of the company Car Power Improvement. The aim from the outset was to set up a company specializing in electronic engine management.

Over more than a decade, Car Power Improvement has won more and more private and professional customers thanks to the high quality standards of our services and are currently recognized internationally. Customers coming from large European cinemas work exclusively with hardware and software developed by the Car Power Improvement group. The largest European-based performance management houses use Car Power Improvement services and equipment.

While achieving this success, we have developed and tested unique fuel-saving solutions, thanks to the know-how acquired with electronic performance management, deciding to take the concept of savings a little further.

Car Power Economy is born, based on the technology of one of the largest suppliers of electronic management hardware and software – Car Power Improvement.


The possibility of reducing our customers’ fuel costs and growing concern for the environment has motivated us to create a new, economy-oriented face, while never forgetting the practical advantages inherent in optimized electronic management.

Turning our attention to our customers, we know that fuel consumption is a key factor in everyday life, especially for fleets. It can dictate the difference between profit or loss, between closing a deal or losing it to the competition.

This is what moves us every day to improve your day to day life.


Based in Braga, like the parent company Car Power Improvement, CPE has a space that serves as the cina, development laboratory and office coexisting in perfection in a ship with more than 800m2, presenting a modern image and state-of-the-art equipment , In a contemporary style that distances itself from the traditional concept of the cina. This synergy between the various divisions allows for greater involvement in all projects and a greater degree of execution.

Recently, CPE has adopted a strategy of physical expansion. Featuring an office in the Greater Lisbon area, we are only a short step away from you regardless of your location. This change allows us greater capacity and speed of response in any situation.

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Car Power Economy is the division of the company specialized in optimizing the energy consumptions of engines of the whole range of light or heavy vehicles.


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