With the evolution of the automotive systems, all the management of the engine operation came to be in charge of an electronic system, called Electronic Management Unit.

Adopting a set of different types of sensors, such as pressure, temperature, rotation sensors, among others, the management brain – the central unit – receives all the information it needs to manage the engine operation.

All vehicles are currently developed based on electronic management. The manufacturer’s original schedules are not optimized due to various commitments and market strategies, leaving significant margins for improvement. It is in this context that the re-programming of the EPC electronic management unit arises.


By receiving a high level of information simultaneously, the system’s high processing capacity allows the engine to respond almost instantly to the driver’s exterior conditions and requests.

The way it reacts and the power and torque – that it makes available depends on the programming of this electronic system, rather than the information on the ECU. This information covers how various engine parameters, such as the amount of fuel to be injected into the engine, the timing of the injection, and more, depend on the engine speed, ambient temperature, etc.
Keeping the same engine and management system, it is possible to obtain different versions, ie different levels of power, simply through different ECU settings.


Since all engine operation and performance is electronically controlled through ECU programming, changing the original programming parameters can completely modify the vehicle’s behavior.

In this context the CPE – Car Power Economy appears. Taking advantage of the margins granted by the manufacturers, the CPE changes the original programming of the ECU to make the engine more aware, making it more economical and efficient. Electronic programming is a very delicate process that requires a lot of experience and development and should only be applied by competent and accredited professionals.

The CPE develops the reprogramming, always maintaining the manufacturer’s development line, the same methodology, the same equipment, but going much further in the optimization of the parameters. By making a practical analogy, it would be as if a technician from the manufacturer was developing a specific program for his vehicle, taking into account his geographic location and his area of ​​intervention, his driving style, the type of merchandise And routes made, the type of maintenance performed, the type of fuel used and more. In a conclusive way, CPE specializes exclusively in the personalized electronic management of your vehicle’s engine.

Car Power Economy is the division of the company specialized in optimizing the energy consumptions of engines of the whole range of light or heavy vehicles.


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