/// WHO WE ARE ///


/// WHO WE ARE ///

Car Power Improvement is a company that started in the year 2000 in the business of chiptuning also known as reprogramming of ECUs.

When we started, there were still few cars that could be programmed by the diagnostic card and we only reprogrammed cars directly in the centralina by replacing the eprom, since then we have had a development such that today we have 6 national and 62 international representatives.

Car Power Improvement is a company that can sell and give training of everything that is necessary to create a company of this branch. We can change and improve any type of engine, from diesel or gasoline, light or heavy. We are linked to official brands and we also prepare several competition cars and some trophies.

We have the experience and the knowledge of all these years and about twenty thousand altered vehicles, in which are cars, motorbikes, trucks, tractors and boats.

We work with the best brands of software and hardware for chiptuning that exist in the market (see more), we can sell any type of software, from the old eproms programmer to the most current Tricore system. All software sold by us includes technical training, for further clarification on the technical operation please contact us.


The project started in the year 2000 with the creation of the company Car Power Improvement. The aim from the outset was to set up a company specializing in electronic engine management. Over more than a decade, Car Power Improvement has won more and more private and professional customers thanks to the high quality standards of our services and are currently recognized internationally.

Customers from major European workshops work exclusively with hardware and software developed by the Car Power Improvement group. The largest European-based performance management houses use Car Power Improvement services and equipment. While achieving this success, we have developed and tested unique solutions for fuel economy, thanks to the know-how acquired with electronic performance management, deciding to take the concept of savings a little further.




The Ford Transit trophy is a unique motor sport event in Portugal. It’s a one-of-a-kind race involving the legendary Ford Transit vans. Equipped with identical engines to commercially available models, Ford’s focus was on enhancing brand awareness through the specificity of this model along with the uniqueness of the test.

The block that equips the participating vans is a 2.2 dci of 140 hp of origin and with a transmission of 6 speeds. Ford bet on Car Power Improvement to manage the electronic component of all blocks of the competition. The objective of the test was to keep the engine completely original, only using the electronic changes. With this responsibility in mind, efficient electronic management has been developed that catapults the performance of the Ford block to a significant 180 hp, reaching top speeds in the order of 215 km / h.

In two periods of arduous competition, there was no record of any engine breakdown, which shows in addition to the high performance achieved, the great reliability of the electronic management achieved in the extreme conditions of high competition.


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