/// CPI VIDEOS ///


/// 2011 ///

This is our first video, which emphasizes our more ambitious first project in a Nissan GT-R. Filmed in 2011, it also has the particularity of being launched with the new installations of Car Power Improvement. With more than 800 horses this would be a great step for the recognition of the company in increasing performance in super sports. In addition to citing the new facilities CPI’s Nissan is tested on the Vasco Sameiro track.

/// 2016 ///

In this event Car Power Improvement debuts at the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve its new high-performance project: the christening Nissan GTR 14XX, which, in keeping with its name, can reach more than 1,400 hp in power. For the event Car Power Improvement decided to invite some customers to participate in a trackday with a very pleasant conviviality for lovers of speed and sports car.

/// 2017 ///

Following the success of the previous year, Car Power Improvement once again challenged its customers to take part in another track day event and meet again at the best circuit in Portugal: The Algarve International Circuit. The good disposition and the conviviality between customers once again was one of the trump cards of the event that counted on a wide variety of automobiles, highlighting some projects of CPI with more than 1.000 hp, as well as the participation of a GT-R model 2017.